Jeff Bezos' Mistress Lauren Sanchez Demands Attention At NYC Eatery

Jeff Bezos' Mistress Lauren Sanchez Demands Attention At NYC Eatery
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' mistress, Lauren Sanchez , made a grand entrance at a restaurant in New York City this week. Sources say that Sanchez made sure everyone in the upscale eatery knew who she was and showed no shame about the cheating scandal.

"I wouldn't have noticed her," an insider dished. "Except she walked in and waited for everyone to acknowledge her, like an actress, [as if to say] ‘I’ve arrived!’"

The insider noted that Sanchez grinned when she walked in the place and acted like she needed attention. Despite making a huge fuss, hardly anyone recognized her, especially with Paul McCartney sitting a few tables down.

According to Page Six , the outing was Sanchez's first since news broke that she has been having an affair with Bezos for the past few months. Bezos is currently married to Mackenzie Bezos while Sanchez is the wife of celebrity agent Patrick Whitesell.

Sanchez used to work at a local news station in Los Angeles and now operates a business that provides helicopter footage for movies, television shows and commercials.

While Sanchez is clearly basking in the limelight, a friend of hers claims Bezos would be "stupid" to marry her. Not only did Bezos potentially give up half of his fortune by having the affair, but Sanchez reportedly has an interesting history with engagements.

The ex-news reporter has allegedly been engaged a grand total of four times. This includes engagements to news anchors, sports announcers and NYPD Blue star Henry Simmons. She also has a child with former NFL star Tony Gonzalez.

As if that wasn't enough, Anthony Miller, who also played football, claims Sanchez cheated on him while they were engaged. A source close to Sanchez denied that she cheated on Miller.

Sanchez has not commented on her appearance at the restaurant or her previous engagements.

Bezos was caught cheating on his estranged wife after text messages between him and Lauren Sanchez leaked online. Jeff Bezos runs the risk of losing half of his massive fortune in the divorce.

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