Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez Engaged? New Court Filing From Her Brother Says Yes

Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez Engaged? New Court Filing From Her Brother Says Yes
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Are Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez engaged? Her brother, Michael Sanchez, claims that the couple is headed down the aisle in court papers he filed in a lawsuit against Bezos.

Michael - a Hollywood talent manager - is suing Bezos and his security chief, Gavin de Becker, because he says they falsely accused him of leaking explicit pics of the Amazon boss to the National Enquirer .

The outlet was the first to publish a story about Bezos’ affair with Lauren in January 2019 when he was still married to his now ex-wife, MacKenzie, and Lauren was still married to Hollywood agent Patrick Whitesell. That same month, Jeff and MacKenzie announced their split, and they finalized their divorce in April 2019, around the same time that Sanchez and Whitesell filed for divorce.

According to Page Six, Michael refers to Lauren as Bezos’ “fiancee” in his lawsuit, which he filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court.

“While Mr. de Becker’s initial asserted theory was that Mr. Sanchez had sold out his sister for $200,000, Mr. de Becker soon realized this theory would not hold up … it was inconceivable that Mr. Sanchez would ruin his relationship with his sister and her current fiancé, the richest man in the world, for financial gain,” reads the lawsuit.

Insiders say that Michael does not have access to inside information about his sister’s relationship, and he wouldn’t know if the couple was engaged. However, she was spotted wearing a massive diamond ring when she was vacationing in St. Barts with Bezos over the holidays, but she was wearing the ring on her right hand. The couple is also reportedly house hunting in Los Angeles.

Michael also claims in his filing that Bezos and Sanchez started their relationship earlier than originally thought. He wrote that their affair started in 2017 when her production company started working for his company Blue Origin. And, Michael also claims that the couple kept their relationship a secret per advice from a psychic in New Mexico.

Michael says he helped cover up the affair by developing and publicizing false narratives. But, in July 2018, pictures surfaced of Bezos and Sanchez standing closer “than professionally permissible” at a Blue Origin event, and that’s when news outlets started asking questions.

Michael Sanchez admits that he worked with the National Enquirer, but he says he was just trying to “get ahead of the story.” He also claims that Lauren Sanchez asked him to leak info to TMZ about her affair with Jeff Bezos, but he convinced her not to do it.


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