Jeezy Sings Love Song And Sweeps Jeannie Mai Off Her Feet In Sweet Easter Videos

Jeezy Sings Love Song And Sweeps Jeannie Mai Off Her Feet In Sweet Easter Videos
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Jeannie Mai celebrated her first Easter with Jeezy as an engaged couple. The pair is featured in a series of videos that surfaced online; The Real co-host could be seen rapping with Jeezy and dancing to a romantic song.

The lovebirds were not having fun alone -- they made sure that Jeannie's mom, Olivia TuTram Mai, took part in the silliness.

Fans and foes have many comments on the burgeoning romance.

One person said: "I’m sorry, but they are corny him trying to teach her the culture her saying years ago that she would only have sex with a black man and never would marry one. In some comments race is brought up because of her racist comments she has made about “dark meat” is only a “side dish” & now look at her 🤦🏽‍♀️ how she changes her mind that quick 🤔"

Another backer claimed: "How can you be salty about a stranger's love life, especially when it has no bearing whatsoever on yours?? HOW? I’ll never understand. Clean out your hearts and
Happy Easter.🕊➕🕊"

This follower stated: "Folks just hateful and wonder why they can’t find love. Take the hate out your heart,? It’s blocking your blessings.s. I love white men as a husband but wanted black men as a side piece. These girls are faking it because they are getting old, and they don't have time.

A fourth supporter shared: "I think it’s incredible when a woman can bring this out of a man. So beautiful ♥️✨Happy Easter Jeannie, Jeezy, & Mama Mai! ❤️💛🐰 & congrats on your fantastic engagement! 💍"

A critic said: "Wasn’t she the one saying white is right? And dark meat is only side pieces? She meant what she said, and she still believes this. To this day, Amanda has to check her for her racist ideology. Bye 👋🏾."

A sixth commenter wrote: "I understand what your saying, but she spoke on the issues that Asian American have since the coronavirus including herself and dealing with discrimination- people are saying that should have included the high number of African black people that have died in China from the lack of treatment while she was using her platform to speak on discrimination. She wasn’t talking about people from China alone. She included herself and all Asian American race/culture people. It was a good segment, but since the black African American deaths due to discrimination in China regarding the coronavirus was a huge advertised issue at the time, black people were offended that she didn’t include them in this segment since it was all tying in together and massively related. I understand her point with Asian discrimination, but she should have made it a larger roof v and touched on the ridiculous amount of blank people in China that were dying bc they were getting turned away for treatment. A journalist would have done so, but maybe she didn’t have time to touch on that topic or something who knows. No drama I just wanted to explain what he was talking about."

Jeannie and Jeezy are doing their thing.

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