Jed Wyatt's Ex Feels Guilty For Helping Him Plot His Bachelorette Appearance

Jed Wyatt's Ex Feels Guilty For Helping Him Plot His Bachelorette Appearance
Credit: Source: Life and Style

Haley Stevens, the woman who was in a relationship with Jed Wyatt before he went off to film The Bachelor, is now full of regret. If she knew the kind of person that Hannah Brown was a few months ago -- she would have never helped him plot his appearance on the show.

If you're out of the loop, Jed is a frontrunner for the Bachelorette's heart. Viewers saw the singer admit that he first came to the show to gain exposure but actually started to have real feelings for the 24-year-old after spending time with her.

It turns out, not only was Wyatt looking for a come up but he actually had a lady in waiting for when he was to come back from filming the series. However, it never happened and when Haley confronted Jed about going ghost he merely brushed her off.

Now Stevens is reflecting on her actions.

She spoke with Life and Style where she explained: 'We talked about it like it was a movie like these are characters. Because I didn’t even know who it was going to be it didn’t even seem real. Now, in hindsight, I’ve seen clips and Hannah is so genuine and sincere. If I could have seen this person that I’m seeing now and how much of her heart she is putting into this show — and into these guys and the process — it could have been a different ball game.'

She also has a message to Hannah: 'Now, I feel so much guilt for letting him go. If I could say anything to Hannah it would be to hang in there … I never meant to cause anyone any hurt. It is what it is and it pretty much sucks for everyone involved. I hope that she is true to herself. She talked the whole time about knowing her worth and, man, she is a strong woman. I hope that she will keep trusting in that.'

Do you believe Haley is being genuine?

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