Jeannie Mai Supports T.I. In His Decision To Go With Deyjah Harris At The Gyno

Jeannie Mai Supports T.I. In His Decision To Go With Deyjah Harris At The Gyno
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The whole music industry knows by now that rapper T.I. goes with his daughter, Deyjah Harris at the gynecologist on a regular basis just to make sure that his precious daughter is still a virgin. He received a ton of backlash after he made it all public on the radio.

People slammed him for being sexist and controlling.

But now, it seems that according to the latest reports, not quite everyone is against Tip, and some people are supportive of his actions.

One of these people is Jeannie Mai, and The Shade Room has all the available details on the matter.

Check out the video below to see what she has to say.

As you probably expect, what she had to say triggered a massive debate in the comments.

Someone said: 'Nahhhh there is NO REASON beyond him being a Narcissistic man. That is an invasion of privacy.'

Another follower posted this: 'Nope... men feel like they’re obligated to tell what a woman can do with her body... that’s why girls have Mothers... and in his situation, he doesn’t do that with his sons... I see if it played for both parts but it doesn’t...'

Someone else defended Tip and said: 'He’s just being a father. OVERPROTECTIVE father.'

A commenter posted: 'PREACH!!! Its called being a FATHER. Some of y’all wouldn’t know about that since y’all never had one. 🤫🤫 Let her be out here pregnant by some random dude then you’ll be shaming her to death. He’s protecting her if anything!'

One other follower said: 'It doesn't matter how wild you are it's a breach of personal privacy and trust🤡.'

What's your opinion on this important issue?

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  • NuNu
    NuNu Nov 9, 2019 1:24 PM PST

    I support TI decision to supervise and to take his daughter to the doctor and keep up with her health not just to make sure her hymen is intact but 2 also make sure she has her pap and her yearly checkup in general for her overall health! Secondly, I know men that have raised their daughters since they were infants I know some men personally that have gotten their daughters at the age of 3 and 5. There were no women in the home just like a lot of women raising daughters with no man in the home! Now the way T I went about posting or talkin about this in public was definitely wrong and invasion of privacy sort of disrespectful! But I agree with T.I he needs to know every mother every father should know if their child is still a virgin or not you don't go by what they tell you my mom she was the best mom and dad I had! But when I got away from around them I did what I wanted to do I allow other influences in my life that's being. child growing up living in the world living life bumping your head up against the wall you know but as long as a child is your responsibility financially then you have every right to know what they're listening to on the radio what they're looking at on television what they're looking at on the internet who are your friends where are you spending the night who are you hanging around! We have lost this along the way. And to sit up there and say that a woman can take her daughter to the doctor and get all that information but a man can't it's ludicrous! outrageous! A father has a right to know just a like a mother.

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