Jeannie Mai Speaks On "Unlabeled" Relationship With Young Jeezy

Jeannie Mai Speaks On "Unlabeled" Relationship With Young Jeezy
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Jeannie Mai is moving on. One of the hosts of the popular daytime talk shows, The Real, recently was on the butt-end of rumors when she was pictured hanging out with some of her friends and Young Jeezy. Mai was with her friends, Malika Haqq, Haqq's boyfriend OT Genasis, and then Trey Songz and his girlfriend, Lori Harvey.

Not long after the picture made the rounds in the tabloids, her fans began hinting at the potential for a relationship following her split from ex-husband, Freddy Harteis, who allegedly had a child with another woman right around the time they officially divorced.

On the morning program, Jeannie addressed the rumors where she jokingly put her friend on blast. It turns out that Jeannie and Young Jeezy are actually hanging out, but they're not calling it a relationship yet; they're just casually seeing each other.

"He's very special to me," Jeannie explained, adding that, "you guys know that I'm multi-dating, right? Jeezy and I hang out." You can check out the video above to see Jeannie explain it herself.

Also, you can see the post from the other day below that had fans wondering:

As it was mentioned above, Jeannie Mai and her ex-hubby, Freddy Harteis, split up after a decade of marriage due to Freddy supposedly sleeping with a younger woman and even having a child with her. Since then, Jeannie has discussed him more than once in the media, despite the fact Harteis has said literally nothing about her in retaliation.

Thus far, it isn't clear what the terms are in their separation, but they can't be that great, considering the way their romance collapsed. Putting that all aside, hopefully, Jeannie and Mr. Jeezy can work something out.

Fans of the rapper will remember him from the late 2000s with hits like "Vacation," "My President," and "Crazy World." Just last year, Young Jeezy announced he was retiring from rapping, probably due to the fact he had a string of albums that didn't do quite as well as 2008's The Recession.

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