Jeannie Mai Shares Way Too Much Information About Her Love Life With Jeezy In This Video

Jeannie Mai Shares Way Too Much Information About Her Love Life With Jeezy In This Video
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Jeannie Mai and boyfriend, Jeezy, are busy living their best lives and sharing way too much information about their love life while at it.

The couple shared a sweet video where they packed on the PDA, (hugs and kisses), while singing along to Tevin Campbell's hit song “Can We Talk” while driving in a convertible.

A fan asked the TV personality of the following sex question: “You went down on that BBC?" Jeannie responded by:

One supporter said: "Am I the only person who enjoys simple rides, music playing, windows down, singing to and with my significant other? What I look forward to one day! ❣️Love❣️."

Another commenter joked: "Lmfao, I love how a lot of these comments are black people explaining to other black people what BBC is 💀."

This fan revealed: "That bc most black ppl don’t use terms like this. But it is hilarious 😭😂😭😂😭If you don’t know what the BBC mean you are too young."

After Jeannie and rapper Jeezy have been in a relationship that was mostly hidden from the public eye for a year, The Real co-hostess opened up recently and talked about her relationship.

According to Jeannie, everything between her and Jeezy was going so well because both of them had such a great passion for helping others, and that is what brought them together in the first place.

The 40-year-old explained it was the fact that both she and the "Soul Survivor" singer connected on the understanding that love should feel safe, honest, and pure.

She also added they were mutually attracted to each other's passion to serve, and they wanted to find a way to do that together.

The romance between the two celebrities was first initiated when they met behind the scenes of the show The Real.

The rapper and the television personality brought the news to the world that they are a couple when the two of them attended the SnoBall Gala together in order to gather financial help for Jeezy's non-profit project Street Dreamz.

The first official confirmation of the new romance appeared on social media a couple of days after the gala when the celebrities posted pictures of them being together.

The new snaps quickly gathered the admiration of a lot of fans, and many congratulated Jeannie and Jeezy on their love.

The relationship with the rapper is the first serious one for Jeannie after her devastating divorce from Freddy Harteis, which marked the end of a decade of married life.

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