Jeannie Mai Reveals That She Wants A Child With BF Jeezy After Seeing An Adorable Photo Of This Famous Baby

Jeannie Mai Reveals That She Wants A Child With BF Jeezy After Seeing An Adorable Photo Of This Famous Baby
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And just like that, Jeannie Mai is thinking about having a baby with rapper Jeezy, and there is a considerable possibility that Gabrielle Union’s daughter, Kaavia James, is the reason why.

This week, cutie pie Kaavia celebrated her first birthday, and Gabrielle shared a few photos from the fun-filled celebration.

Jeannie,who said many times in the past that she does not want any children, decided to share a comment in one of the photos that confirmed that she had a change of heart and mind.

The co-host of The Real stated: “Dear God, what are you doing to my uterus, dude.” Fans are eager to see Jeannie and Jeezy with a baby.

One person said: "I can’t even count how many times I heard you say you don’t want any kids now this. the right man will make you want them, kids, to pooh. 😂😂"

Another backer stated: "You and Jeezy need to make a baby, and y’all would make a beautiful baby. Love you two together."

This follower wrote: "When the time is right. Your uterus will agree with you, love. Hell, I am thinking the same thing, but things happen with proper timing. 🤞🏽"

The TV personality, who divorced ex-husband Freddy Harteis in 2017, explained in past interviews that it was because they could not agree on having children.

She said: “When we were dating, I was always very vocal — because I’ll never lead a man on when I know I don’t want to have children. So, I was always honest about that. I think we were both so young — it was like 14 years ago — I think he also thought, ‘You know what, we’re so in love I don’t want that either.’ He could have been happy not having children with me.”

She added: “When you physically see how a man is with a child, and if the man really desires to be a father, and you know that you are that block between that happening, you just don’t feel right about yourself every single day. It’s bizarre. After you turn 40, I’m telling you guys, it’s a magic age. If you really spend the time, like get excited about your 40s, spend all the time giving yourself love, when you get to that place all of a sudden, because your heart is full and you’re healthy, all of a sudden you’re open to love in so many different areas. So who knows? You might have a little Jeannie!”

Do you think Jeannie will have a baby soon?

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