Jeannie Mai Reveals 'Racist' Memes People Have Been Sending Her Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Jeannie Mai Reveals 'Racist' Memes People Have Been Sending Her Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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During the coronavirus pandemic, mainstream media outlets have reported hate crimes against Asian-American communities throughout the United States. As most know, the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. Unfortunately, this has reportedly facilitated anti-Asian resentment throughout the world.

In an essay for People Magazine, The Real co-host, Jeannie Mai, addressed this phenomenon after claiming to have been the target of anti-Asian racism on her social media platforms. Writing in the essay, Jeannie Mai, who is Chinese-Vietnamese, stated that the coronavirus pandemic has led to "fearful ignorance."

Mai said there were two viruses right now in the world, COVID-19 and "fearful ignorance." Jeannie went on to say that it was crucial to continue having conversations about anti-Asian sentiment and how the COVID-19 pandemic has led to it.

Later in her essay, Mai told several stories of some of the Asian-American hate crimes in the US, including one where a woman was punched in the face in Manhattan, New York. Jeannie said we should all be "checking our friends" who make jokes at the expense of Asians and also fighting back against "hate crimes."

According to BET, CNN has reported that there has been an uptick in hate crimes against Asian-Americans. Alex Goldenberg, an analyst, said to reporters from CNN that there is a visible increase in the aforementioned crimes.

In Mai's People essay, the television show host listed several examples of anti-Asian sentiment, including one where a man was collecting cans for recycling in San Francisco. He was reportedly attacked and mocked by a group of men shouting racial epithets.

Moreover, there were bystanders who did and said nothing. On the 13th of February, LA authorities reported incidents regarding the abuse and harassment of Asian-Americans, including a child in middle school who was beaten and hospitalized.

Another student, 16, was attacked in San Fernando Valley by bullies at his high school. Because of his race, other teenagers accused him of having COVID-19.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump may have contributed to the phenomenon . He sparked controversy when he continuously referred to the virus as the "Chinese virus." At the time, the president had just gotten out of intense trade negotiations with Chinese officials and claims he was merely retaliating for their claim that American troops had brought the virus to Wuhan.

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