Jeannie Mai Reveals Most Painful Thing About Her Divorce In Viral Video -- Nene Leakes Sets Her Straight And So Did Linsey Toole

Jeannie Mai Reveals Most Painful Thing About Her Divorce In Viral Video -- Nene Leakes Sets Her Straight And So Did Linsey Toole
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Jeannie Mai almost broke down in tears as she spoke about her divorce from her husband of 10 years, Freddy Harteis.

Linsey Toole, who is Freddy's new girlfriend and the mother of his child, had no mercy or patience.

Sitting with co-hosts -- Loni Love, Adrienne Houghton, and guest-host NeNe Leakes -- Jeannie said she was surprised that she had to pay alimony to her ex-husband.

Jeannie said she has decided to “look out for herself” and is “still miserable” after the divorce.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene was quick to put Jeannie in her place, and Linsey jumped on social media to destroy her.

Linsey's lengthy clap-back read in part: “Your complete focus on YOURSELF is why you’re DIVORCED. YOURSELF being the most important thing to you in the entire world is why you keep making up LIES for MORE attention. MOVE ON. Ain’t nobody talking about YOU. Because we don’t care! Stop trying to tear someone down who has done absolutely NOTHING to you.”

One fan reacted to the video by saying: "Nene check her real quick. Girl you know you should drop that 💰I don’t understand how people are so quick to defend Jeanie when she always seems so disingenuous. She is faker than a dollar bill. She pretended to be with that guy when we all could clearly see what she was into."

Another commenter stated: "I do feel like Jeanie is full of it sometimes but I like her still but her image is always me me me while she’s so outspoken about being kind she still seems super selfish, but there’s nothing wrong with her saying she had to pay alimony they do force ppl to pay that."

This person asserted: "Like let me just make sure this ish is at the top okay. This girl has been chasing clout and men with money in Nashville for a hottttt minute. She was all on Yelawolfs nuts for a while back when she was dressing in some mf assless chaps to sell Jager bombs so how about having SEVERRAAAALL seats and humble yourself. You got that money you’ve been wanting so stop watching the show and count the coins your coochie worked so hard for girl 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Jeannie said nothing wrong. His new girl must have low confidence in herself and their relationship. Women need to stop tearing each other down; the men have a part to play too. Give her a ticket sir, she’s a fan, sir 😂."

Jeannie went viral with her comments.

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