Jeannie Mai Reveals Her Divorced Parents Have Been In Serious Relationships For Years But Never Told Her

Jeannie Mai Reveals Her Divorced Parents Have Been In Serious Relationships For Years But Never Told Her
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Jeannie Mai recently explained that her parents haven't been entirely truthful with her lately. During her duties on Hello Hunnay , the television show host revealed that both her mother and father were dating other people but they didn't tell her about it for years.

Known as Mama Mai by her fans, Jeannie's mother sometimes stops by Jeannie's web-show, however, on the 12th of December, it was her father who appeared. Mr. Mai admitted he has been dating a girl for around ten years, however, Jeannie didn't even know.

Mai began the show by stating her father had never actually confirmed whether or not he was dating someone. She stated, "and he never confirmed that he has a girlfriend." According to her father, he likes to keep things on the down-low, but Jeannie did manage to squeeze some details out of him.

During Hello Hunnay , Jeannie jokingly asked why her parents refused to tell her about the fact they started dating, with even her mother going on to marry a man she had been dating. Jeannie, however, didn't know until recently.

As most know, Jeannie is currently in a relationship with the rapper, Jezzy, which she ironically kept out of the public's eye for a while before they finally made it IG official. Followers of the show know that Jeannie's relationship history has been tumultuous.

Reported by People Magazine back in October of 2018, the outlet claimed Jeannie regretted marrying Freddy Harteis, her ex-husband. During an older episode of The Real , Mai explained that if she knew what she knows about him now, she never would've married Freddy.

Jeannie explained her ex-husband would often tell her that a person truly didn't know another unless they saw them not getting what they want. The hardest part for Jeannie was learning that lesson from Mr. Harteis himself.

The Real co-host and Freddy, who hosts The Hollywood Hunter, got married in 2007 but split after 10 years of marriage in 2017. Even though it didn't end well between them, Jeannie explained that she continued to "love" him up until the finalization of their divorce.

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