Jeannie Mai Is Facing Baby Mama Drama After Jeezy's Ex Said This During Their Court Battle

Jeannie Mai Is Facing Baby Mama Drama After Jeezy's Ex Said This During Their Court Battle
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The court battle between Jeezy and his baby mama, Mahlet "Mahi" Gebremedhin, is heating up, and Jeannie Mai is being dragged in the messy situation.

The former couple, who shares a six-year-old daughter, has been going at it over custody and child support that is set at $7,500, plus $30,000 for school tuition.

The rapper has accused his former fiancée of being jealous of his new lady love, and she is fighting back.

Mahi dissed Jeezy by saying: "He has has been telling lies and is slandering me and trying to take the attention away from his mistakes."

One fan had this reaction: "I doubt she's jealous because she knows that Jeannie will eventually get done the same way. Girl get yo coins, And when they get married get his wife's coins as well😂😂."

Another commenter stated: "Let's say she was jealous....even if that's the case what does that have to do with you not paying child support ? Whether she was jealous or "hating" or didn't care, you would still have to support your children financially, so how is that a defense against not paying your child support. 🤔🤔"

This follower revealed: "Just co-parent! That's what most important for the child. What happened to that my President is Black My Lambo Blue energy? Smh."

A fourth comment read: "Why would she be jealous of big faced Jeannie? She was in the same position as Jeannie lol this man has been engaged 3 times and still not married.🤦🏽‍♀️"

This person explained: "Jeannie may is not even married yet, and she is already getting the baby mama drama. Multiple kids out of wedlock by different women. Jeannie thinks she's different but she's going to learn he is not a prize. In Igbo culture, a man can take on multiple wives and have children with them, but a woman who had children without a husband was ostracized and banned. It was like this before a white person ever stepped into Igboland."

This supporter wrote: "Having a kid out of wedlock does not declare your beliefs. Christians have beliefs and values doesn't mean they are perfect and don't break them. There is a word for it—sin. We repent when we do. That's neither here nor there."

This Instagrammer claimed: "Yes, marriage began as Christian, but we all know it's not mutually exclusive. If marriage is such a Christian thing, why are so many non Christians married? We literally had laws to mandate gay marriage, which is not in line with Christian marriage. Had Nothing to do with being a Christian. At the end of the day, Nothing on this post is relevant to her dealing with baby Moma drama and baggage. Christian or not."

Will this situation affect Jeezy's new relationship?

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