Jeannie Mai Gets Slammed By Her Ex-Husband's New Baby Mama: "Your Complete Focus On Yourself Is Why You're Divorced!"

Jeannie Mai Gets Slammed By Her Ex-Husband's New Baby Mama: "Your Complete Focus On Yourself Is Why You're Divorced!"
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Just when you thought Jeannie Mai's nasty divorce drama was over, her ex-husband's baby mama bashes her on social media in a shocking comment. Linsey Toole jaw-droppingly slammed the 'The Real' host after catching wind of a comment she made about alimony.

During a discussion with her co-hosts, Jeannie got emotional when she discussed that she was shocked that she had to pay her ex-husband, Freddy Harteis, her earnings even though he had more money than her when they got married.

"I was married to somebody who had more money than me, but because I was the stronger earner, and we lived in California, a shocking thing slapped me in the face when we got divorced and I had to end up paying him my earnings."

She added that the situation taught her about looking out for herself.

Freddy moved on from his wife of ten years rather quickly when it was announced that not only was he in a relationship with Linsey Toole but they were also expecting a child a mere six months after his breakup from the host. Allegedly, the opposing views on having children were the main factor in the cause behind the divorce.

Toole took to the comment section underneath the clip to insult Mai.

"Looking out for YOURSELF is why you’re STILL miserable. Your complete focus on YOURSELF is why you’re DIVORCED. YOURSELF being the most important thing to you in the entire world is why you keep making up LIES for MORE attention. Ain’t nobody talking about YOU. Because we don’t care! Stop trying to tear someone down who has done absolutely NOTHING to you. Never one time has Freddy brought up your name or drug it through the mud where it belongs."

Linsey continued to reveal that Jeannie has a new story every week and that Freddy made the right decision walking away from $1 million to give their family peace.

Freddy's new girlfriend went on to say: "You made Freddy signed to keep his mouth closed. I didn’t sign for this very reason. I knew you would come back at his throat again. I will speak the truth Jeanie. I’m pre-warning that I will tell what really happened if you continue to publicly lie and humiliate Freddy! Ratings must be down again. Waiting on that alimony check."

Yikes! Jeannie Mai has yet to respond. What do you think about Toole's comments?

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