Jeannie Mai Cries While Talking About Jeezy In New Video -- The 'Real' Co-Host Throws Ex-Husband Freddy Harteis Under The Bus

Jeannie Mai Cries While Talking About Jeezy In New Video -- The 'Real' Co-Host Throws Ex-Husband Freddy Harteis Under The Bus
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The relationship between Jeannie Mai and Jeezy has attracted a lot of attention to the two, and it looks like they are going quite strong.

Jeannie, in particular, has been gushing all about the situation and has been eager to open up about the state of affairs between her and her boyfriend.

She recently talked at length about her relationship, explaining how her standards have changed over time, and how she's is now interested in a much more serious partner by her side.

While on The Real , she said: "When [Freddie] said things like 'good for you' or 'that's cool,' I'm like, that's great, he supports me! That, to me, is my standard of support. Just be mindful of your standards. And sometimes for me, being alone and that time that I took for myself was my upgrade."

And it certainly looks like she is found the right match too, judging by everything fans have heard so far. Jeezy has been a bit more private about his own side of the relationship, but it was evident that he is enjoying himself quite a lot as well.

Jeezy has made it clear in the past that he can be quite picky about his relationships, and he has never willing to back down on his standards.

The fact that he decided to go with Jeannie, in the end, was a clear indication to many of his fans that he saw a lot of value in her.

Jeezy has reportedly even sacrificed his own birthday party at one point so that he could drive Jeannie to the airport.

The TV personality explained that she had never experienced something like that in her past relationships, including her ex-husband, Freddy Harteis, and this was a relatively new thing to her in her love life.

However, she certainly seems to have found the right partner to keep her happy.

One person said: "Ok, now that's off your chest😌...enjoy your relationship and stop talking about it before you ruin it...Jeezy seems to be a private guy."

Another commenter explained: "I'm glad she's happy. We're only on the outside looking in .. hell, and we don't have a clue as too what happened in her marriage."

This backer revealed: "U all bad mouthing the lady ..oh my we all are woman and go ture different stuff in our life ..we need to up left each other man and stopped bring down ..that y some of you woman cant find love ..the heart no clean ..if you hate her get the hell of her page r the real*t am tried of you all ..there is so much sea ..go truck off in one of them .and no come up back leave the girl alone ..she feels what she feel .....kmrt."

Those two seem to complete each other.

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