Jeannie Mai And Jeezy Fight Back Against Trolls Who Suggest Mai Has Coronavirus Because She's Asian

Jeannie Mai And Jeezy Fight Back Against Trolls Who Suggest Mai Has Coronavirus Because She's Asian
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Jeannie Mai, The Real co-host, fought back against social media commenters who insinuated she had the coronavirus because of her Asian heritage. Page Six reported on the new episode of The Real in which Jeannie explained how she saw comments on blogs which warned Jeezy to stay away from her.

"And that's so hurtful," Mai explained, adding, "because there are people that are actually dying from this." The 41-year-old co-host also said she heard stories and rumors that some schools wanted to quarantine Asian children due to fear of spreading the virus.

Mai went on to explain how misinformation and fear often turn into hatred and fear of foreigners, often described as "xenophobia." The television show personality explained that it was crucial for people to educate themselves.

Fans of Jeannie know, however, that she was born and raised in California, even though her mother is Vietnamese and her father is Chinese.

Loni Love defended Mai as well, offering her support, and suggesting that Asian people talk about their stories of racism on social media, similar to the way black people do on Black Twitter.

As it was previously reported, approximately 15,000 cases have been reported in one Chinese province. And on Wednesday, the CDC confirmed that the 15th person had contracted the illness in the United States.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the new Coronavirus, (2019-nCoV), is a respiratory illness that spreads from person to person. It was first noticed in Wuhan, China. While it's possible for the disease to spread through the United States, at the moment, authorities are more concerned with people who have traveled to China.

Authorities have been paying close attention to the disease and how it has spread. Health care professionals and individuals who have been close to the infected are the most at risk of catching the virus.

Jeannie recently began dating the rapper, Jeezy, after she and Freddy Harteis split up. Following their controversial separation, Jeannie and Freddy finalized their divorce in December 2018.

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