Jazz Producer George Avakian Dies At The Age Of 98

Jazz Producer George Avakian Dies At The Age Of 98
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George Avakian, a scholar, and pioneer in the American music industry passed away at the age of 98. George is most famous for working with people like Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, and many other legends in Jazz music.

His daughter, Anahid Avakian Gregg, confirmed the passing of her father on Wednesday morning in Manhattan. Anahid provided no other details.

Avakian worked as an executive at Columbia Records and Warner Brothers among other labels and is considered to be an architect in several industry standards including liner notes, the LP, and the live album.

His legend began in the early 20th century when he was merely a fan of jazz music, taking the time out of his day to rediscover random jazz recordings.

Due to his tenacity and time producing influential artists like Louis Armstrong, he became a founder of the National Academy Of Recording Arts and Sciences.

His passion for the arts laid the foundation for how we listen to music today. It all started when he was an undergraduate at Yale University and was a frustrated fan of jazz because he could never find the music he wanted.

He wrote to various companies and eventually convinced the company, Decca, to let him compile "Chicago Jazz" which is regarded by many as the first jazz album as well as the first record to have liner notes.

During an interview with JazzWax in 2010, Avakian said they claimed, "we don't know quite what jazz in those cities is about, but you seem to know so why don't you go ahead and produce them." However, his collaborations with Louis Armstrong are what most people will remember due to the legend of Armstrong's name.

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