Jayda Cheaves Says This About Lil Baby - See The Video

Jayda Cheaves Says This About Lil Baby - See The Video
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Jayda Cheaves has something important to say about Lil Baby . Check out the clip here.

'is open to getting back with #LilBaby. Jayda spoke with @hollywoodunlocked and shared there is still a lot of love between her and the father of her son, but some work needs to be done before they become some of ya’ll relationship goals. The influencer opened up about past issues in their relationship, saying social media played a major part, especially due to cheating allegations. #Roommates do you think they should give the relationship another try?' The Shade RFoom notes.

Someone said: 'Durk got people wanting to Rekindle relationships,' and a commenter said: 'Girl go get yu a good man !!! You been doing fine all this time and got yo own bag!! Sometimes we need to let that hurt go and the man that came with it!!'

A follower said: 'I knew it was something, but everybody wanted to come for me when I asked why was the Saweetie situation even a problem for her.'

Someone else said: 'no. aint no way in the world. aint that much love.'

Another follower said: 'they came up together. why not continue to be with who you started with. that’s her baby daddy. of course she’s willing to work out things with him. everybody knows he love her! it’s nothing wrong with them rebuilding & being together. do what’s best & what makes you happy sis.'

A follwoer said: 'smh this her only down fall no cap. Idk how people can just keep taking someone back after Cheating I’m truly not built for it & im ok with not being to. It happened on social media but it was real life cheating.'

It's been just reported that Jayda Cheaves said that she knew about  Lil Baby   and Saweetie's shopping date. Check out the info that The Shade Room just released.


TSR notes: 'In an upcoming interview with @hollywoodunlocked’s #JasonLee, #JaydaCheaves is filling in the blanks for the internet. Speaking about the alleged shopping date between #Saweetie and #LilBaby, Jayda says she is always “10 steps ahead.”'

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