Jayda Cheaves Reveals Something Unexpected About The Lil Baby And Saweetie Date

Jayda Cheaves Reveals Something Unexpected About The Lil Baby And Saweetie Date
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It's been just reported that Jayda Cheaves said that she knew about Lil Baby and Saweetie's shopping date. Check out the info that The Shade Room just released.

TSR notes: 'In an upcoming interview with @hollywoodunlocked’s #JasonLee, #JaydaCheaves is filling in the blanks for the internet. Speaking about the alleged shopping date between #Saweetie and #LilBaby, Jayda says she is always “10 steps ahead.”'

'When asked why she first liked the story on the site’s Instagram page, the influencer stated that she wanted to put the internet into a “frenzy.” She then went on to seemingly confirm that Saweetie and Lil Baby were together at the Chanel store in New York,' TSR continued and said.

Jayda stated she has 'sources out there that don’t play about me,' and she knew about the shopping date. 'The day it happened I knew about it,' Jayda stated.

Someone said: 'Jayda you should’ve kept that to yourself, respectfully.'

A commenter posted this: 'She low key feel some type of you can tell she just want to seem like she do we been there sis,' and a commenter said: 'Hm she's doing a lil to many interviews babe don't feed into the messiness.'

One other follower said: 'What’s the issue?? You and Baby not together and probably won’t be again, & Saweetie isn’t your friend, associate, or any of that.'

One fan said: 'She knew abt it when they was saying it was James Harden & when that reporter called her saweetie.'

A follower said: 'Since when was you miss Chanel? If Jayda don’t care why is there a whole interview. Over a Instagram picture.. like smh,' and someone else posetd this: 'She lying.. Jayda trying act unbothered but she’s really bothered.'

Someone posted this message: 'She just an ex and a baby mama so why does this matter ? Y’all care to much for her opinion why ?' and one other follower said: 'How he gone do what to you if y’all not together ? You’re confusing me now.'


Mor people continued to argue regarding what Jayda did.

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