Jay Z’s Mother Gloria Carter Opens Up About Her Coming Out To Him: ‘My Son Started Actually Tearing’

Jay Z’s Mother Gloria Carter Opens Up About Her Coming Out To Him: ‘My Son Started Actually Tearing’
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Gloria opened up about the time she decided to come out to her rapper son Jay Z. Despite the fact that usually, Jay is the one in the spotlight, the mother also made some headlines earlier in the year after the rapper talked about her being gay and in love with a woman on his 4:44 album.

Today, Gloria showed up on D’USSE podcast and decided to talk about it, revealing that she never thought her son’s song Smile was an invasion of privacy.

When asked about how she deals with being in the spotlight, she claimed that considering press has always been around her, whether she liked it or not she’s already used to it in a way.

Besides, according to Gloria, haters are her ‘motivators!’

She then went on to talk about her coming out to her son, which is what inspired the song.

‘Besides your mother, this is the person that I am. This is the life that I live. So my son started actually tearing. He was like, ‘That had to be a horrible life, ma’. I was like, my life was never horrible. It was just different. So that made him want to do a song about it.’

Although now she is completely fine with the lyrics of Smile, she did admit that the first time she thought it was too much to share with the whole world; after all, Jay’s mother only bared her soul in front of her son and wasn’t sure she wanted to do it in front of all of his fans as well.

To help get rid of some of her fears, Gloria wrote a poem that is also featured on the track – just her reading it aloud.

Now she is very happy the song exists.

Carter explained that she was sick and tired of the secret and assured everybody that she was never ashamed of herself so it all turned out for the best.

What do you think of the song Smile off of Jay Z's new album 4:44?

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