Jay-Z May Be Taking Shots At Kanye West In New Song - Check It Out

Jay-Z May Be Taking Shots At Kanye West In New Song - Check It Out
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In Jay-Z's latest track, the rapper appears to take shots at the fellow rapper, Kanye West, for his support of the president, Donald Trump, earlier in the year. On Meek Mill's brand new track, "What's Free," Jay-Z supposedly went off on both the president of the United States as well as the College Dropout rapper.

Released on Thursday, featuring Meek Mill, Jay-Z, and Rick Ross, the new track is a spin-off of Notorious BIG's 1997 classic, "What's Beef," posthumously released after his death in the same year.

In the track, Jay says, "No red hat, don't Michael and Prince me and Ye," before going on to suggest that "they separate" people who have Michael Jackson and Prince's DNA.

Fans online have suggested that Jay-Z believes Trump is responsible for making him and Kanye not like each other anymore, similar to the way in which Michael Jackson and Prince feuded in the 1980s and the 1990s (although the Jackson-Prince feud was unrelated to Trump).

Moreover, others have stated that Jay-Z almost compared his own wife, Beyonce, to Kardashian. However, the line doesn't quite finish the point. He says in the track, "my spou- (C'mon man). My route better, of course."

On Twitter, Jay stated the line wasn't about Kanye directly. It was about not separating him from his brothers in the scene. The rapper then asks for all of his fans to check out Meek's new record on which Drake also performs.

As it was previously reported, Jay-Z and Kanye first started fighting back in 2016 when Yeezy publicly trashed both he and his wife during a concert. Then after, he left Tidal in 2017 over money problems, and later said he was hurt that Jay and Bey never went to his wedding.

However, not long after, in September, it appeared as though West and Jay had finally figured things out. Jay-Z said on David Letterman's show that he and West were still friends, despite squabbling with each other every once in a while.

According to Jay, Kanye is like his little brother, and sometimes they feud and have a little falling out. Regardless, however, they'll be friends until the end.

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