Jax Taylor Shares A Video Addressing Divorce Rumors: Vanderpump Rules Star Declares His 'Marriage Is Still Okay'

Jax Taylor Shares A Video Addressing Divorce Rumors: Vanderpump Rules Star Declares His 'Marriage Is Still Okay'
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Jax Taylor is sick of the rumors about his marriage being in trouble. He took to Twitter to post a video letting followers know that he and Brittany Cartwright are still in wedded bliss.

Recently the Vanderpump Rules star was seen multiple times with no wedding ring in sight. It wouldn't have been a big deal if it wasn't so soon after reports of him and Brittany not getting along just one month into their marriage spread like wildfire.

Brittany was on Wednesday asked why her husband left his ring finger naked to which she explained that he takes it off to workout. Something that he does twice a day.

'We have to laugh about stuff because, I mean, there are articles saying that our marriage is in trouble and stuff like that. I’m just like, ‘Oh my goodness.’ We have been so solid. I don’t even worry about it because as long as we’re happy and we’re doing good, that’s all that matters, you know? I love his ring, I love seeing it on him. He’s always wearing it, he hasn’t lost it or anything yet, I was really worried about that … He’s even gonna get workout rings that he can wear to the gym.'


Jax has decided to comment via Twitter.

In the video, he proudly puts his band on display as he says: 'Little update. Out of the gym, ring back on. Marriage still ok. It's annoying right? Now you know what I feel when I have 50 million people asking me where's my ring. Really.'

The 40-year-old also exposed his wife in a playful video where he says that she usually doesn't have her ring on at home either.

The couple has been combating the trouble in paradise rumors by posting videos on social media where they appear to be happy.

Do you think they are in it for the long run?

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  • catalina WRIGHT
    catalina WRIGHT Aug 31, 2019 10:24 AM PDT

    People need to leave them Alone, they ll figure out their own things, by the way my husband dosent wear his ring either, works a lot on cars and electrical things dosent want it in the way. that's all.

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