Jax Taylor Says Lisa Vanderpump Will Most Likely Leave RHOBH After This Season!

Jax Taylor Says Lisa Vanderpump Will Most Likely Leave RHOBH After This Season!
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

Jax Taylor apparently believes Lisa Vanderpump is going to leave RHOBH pretty soon! After all, the star has been reportedly refusing to shoot any scenes with the other Housewives and has also skipped some cast events! Is she hinting that she no longer wants to have anything to do with the show?

This is what Jax thinks as he told HollywoodLife during an interview that he is convinced she will ‘walk away’ as soon as this season wraps up.

The man and his fiancée, Brittany Cartwright were in attendance at the People’s Choice Awards when they chatted with the outlet, dishing: ‘She [Lisa] says it every year that she is going to walk away from the show, so I do not really know what she is going to do. It isn't like she needs the show. She is a very busy person. She is very hands-on in all of her restaurants. She actually does work. People do not realize that. She has a lot going on. I could see her walking away.’

Brittany went on to add: ‘People do not realize how much it takes to film a show. She has been through it.’

Lisa is already busy enough working on her own Bravo show and her other businesses so she doesn’t really need all the drama on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, especially when she’s apparently being bullied by the other cast mates!

Furthermore, Jax also noted that ‘She lost her brother this year which was a big deal.’

‘Lisa's so tough. She is so strong. She is so classy. She is not going to let us know if it’s affecting her,’ Brittany explained.

Jax assured the news outlet that ‘We have conversations. She’ll pull me aside and say, ‘How do you deal?’ Lisa and I kind of have a weird relationship. Sometimes we would go at each other, but I am the only one who will get it because I can take it. She would ask me questions, and I would ask her questions. She is like my mother. She really is. I look at her differently than everybody else does.’

The man finally explained that she will continue doing the show ‘as long as she’s healthy. If she does not feel healthy doing the show anymore then no, she should not do it.’


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  • LINDA Wines
    LINDA Wines Nov 14, 2018 8:18 AM PST

    Those women have always been so jealous of her that they treated her like crap all the time. They deserve to lose the show because of the way they treated her. I for one will not watch it without her on it. It will be a pleasure to see their ratings drop without her.

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