Jax Taylor Says Lisa Vanderpump Is ‘Happier’ After Her RHOBH Exit

Jax Taylor Says Lisa Vanderpump Is ‘Happier’ After Her RHOBH Exit
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

It looks like, ever since she left the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump has been a much happier person. This is what her Vanderpump Rules employee shared with HollywoodLife during a new interview.

It’s not a secret that Lisa feuded with pretty much all of her co-stars on RHOBH before she decided to exit the show in the end.

The whole Puppygate drama just added to her two painful losses since her brother and mother passed away in the same year.

But nowadays, she gets the time to heal and focus on her passion projects instead of the stressful experience on the latest season of the Bravo show.

Jax says the woman is visibly much calmer and less stressed out now and so, he believes she made the ‘best decision’ to leave.

While in attendance at Carl’s Jr.’s Ultimate Avocado Brunch, he told the news outlet that ‘I do not watch ‘Real Housewives’, but I know Lisa, and Lisa is very close to me — and we have had some personal conversations on how I deal with some situations on ‘Vanderpump’ and how she deals with some situations. Sometimes, she comes to only me. Not always, but she's come to me for advice.’

That’s right, Jax and Lisa have been close friends for a while so it makes sense that he knows what she’s doing more than a lot of other people out there.

Jax went on to explain why he thought exiting the show was the right thing to do: ‘I think that leaving ‘Housewives’ was the best decision, considering what she has gone through with her family. She has had two big losses, her brother and mother. That is a lot to deal with. In what, two years? And, then just to deal with all of the drama from the women, I think it is time to just step back for a bit and reassess the situation. Less stress, you are not getting any younger, you know and stress kills.’


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