Jax Taylor Says 'It's Cool' If Wife Brittany Cartwright Hooks Up With Women

Jax Taylor Says 'It's Cool' If Wife Brittany Cartwright Hooks Up With Women
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Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is okay if his wife Brittany Cartwright hooks up with women.

Taylor refers to himself as a "woke modern husband" when it comes to marriage with Cartwright. He is fine if his wife steps out on their marriage, as long as she follows one condition. The other party must be a woman.

"I don't care. It doesn't bother me, no. It doesn't bother me," Taylor shared with TooFab.

The reality TV star reiterated to the website he and Cartwright are not in an open marriage. He also revealed he condones his wife getting intimate with certain women that he knows personally.

There have to be certain boundaries in place for him to accept Cartwright hooking up with a woman. The former model did not reveal those rules but did admit he knows not all men are as "woke as him."

"You see, I have friends that would never allow it. I have friends that would say 'no.' It depends on the guy," Taylor explained.

Cartwright and Taylor began dating in 2015. They met in Las Vegas, and their relationship became a central storyline for Vanderpump Rules . Fans have learned a lot regarding the romance over the years.

The newlyweds hit a rough patch in 2017 after Taylor admitted to cheating on Cartwright with another woman. They worked through the drama and tied the knot in June.

Jax Taylor does not care if his lady love Brittany Cartwright sleeps with other women. It is a theory he has apparently had for a while. There are rumors Cartwright had a fling with their Vanderpump Rules costar Kristen Doute in 2016.

"I could care less. It doesn't bother me," he told E! News back when the rumors were first heating up.

The couple has been making headlines this weekend with Taylor giving his wife permission to sleep with women, as well as Cartwright sparking pregnancy rumors.

There is no real evidence of the latter other than her holding her stomach like it was a baby bump in pictures. Fans are convinced the duo are expecting their first child. If by chance, Cartwright is pregnant, the couple is keeping the news to themselves right now.

What are your thoughts on Taylor being okay with Cartwright have extramarital relations with women?


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