Jax Taylor Says He's Still In Business With Lance Bass Who Claims He Cut Ties With Vanderpump Rules Star

Jax Taylor Says He's Still In Business With Lance Bass Who Claims He Cut Ties With Vanderpump Rules Star
Credit: Source: Bravo

Just a day after Lance Bass publicly denounced Jax Taylor and claimed that they were no longer business partners, the Vanderpump Rules star is stating otherwise. A rep for Jax says that the story that was told is completely different from what actually happened.

Lance took to his podcast to say that he spoke to Jax about his inflammatory comments which include statements made about the size of a black man's nose.

'I actually had a conversation about this yesterday and I feel like I’m the only person he heard it from. He’s like, ‘I don’t understand this big nose thing.’ He goes, ‘Jewish people have big noses.’ Yeah — you can’t make fun of Jewish people or black people by their nose.'

Jax has also been exposed for making biphobic comments about Ariana Madix and homophobic and transphobic comments to random social media users. Former Vanderpump Rules star Billie Lee also claimed he wouldn't film with her because she's trans.

Bass went on to say that he cut business ties from the reality star when it comes to the Just Add X partnership.

However, Jax's rep is telling another story.

'Last week, the Just Add X website had been hacked, showcasing some hateful slurs, which Jax felt horrible about. In an emotional state, Jax had texted Lance and the Just Add X team offering to step down from the company if that was the direction they wanted to take. The team immediately followed up with a phone call with Lance and the team reassured and fully supported him. It was decided that Jax would continue to stay on the team and that they all had his back given these unpredictable times.'

They went on to say that Taylor is shocked by Lance's comments which included saying that Bravo has to fire him from VPR.

'The statements from Lance on the podcast today are not only untrue but also extremely confusing and shocking, to say the least. This has been a tough time for everyone involved, especially with the critical state of Brittany’s mother in the ICU, their focus has been on that.'


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