Jax Taylor Gives Credit To James Kennedy For Making 'A Lot Of Positive Changes'

Jax Taylor Gives Credit To James Kennedy For Making 'A Lot Of Positive Changes'
Credit: Source: Reality Blurb

Jax Taylor's relationship with James Kennedy is one of the worst that viewers have seen in Vanderpump Rules history. It came as a shock when the bartender actually gave the DJ his props on social media.

After a fan asked about Lisa Vanderpump's decision to allow the disrespectful disc jockey to work with her for the umpteenth time, Jax praised his frenemy for turning his life around.

'To be honest I’ve spoken to James maybe 3 times in the last year in passing for a few minutes each time, I gotta give him credit he’s made a lot of positive changes and he looks a lot healthier. Proud of him, the dj life can be rough but it looks like he has it under control.'

Another fan suggested a drug that may help alcoholics stay to what Jax responded with: 'Not our business. That’s for him, his girlfriend and his family to discuss. Well all need to just take care of ourselves unless they ask for help.'

This comes after James revealed that he was ten weeks sober and has made a 180 since the last season of the show.

'I am 10 weeks [sober] this Friday. It’s been really good. Everything’s beautiful. I’ve been focusing on my sobriety and it’s been going really well. … Music has been just so good lately. I haven’t been procrastinating on s***.'

While he may not have exactly mended fences with Jax, it doesn't seem like the two have any bad blood at the moment.

The 27-year-old even offered some insight as to why he thinks his co-star is quick to hit the block button .

'I think Jax just blocks people on Instagram when he gets mad and he doesn’t care for the followers as much as some of the other influencers, if you will. So he doesn’t mind blocking people because he just doesn’t really care about Instagram. I think. He’s just like living his own life.'

Do you think the two will stay on amicable terms?


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