Jax Taylor Finally Explains Why He Blocked BFF Tom Sandoval On Social Media And Reveals If They've Made Peace!

Jax Taylor Finally Explains Why He Blocked BFF Tom Sandoval On Social Media And Reveals If They've Made Peace!
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As you remember, Jax Taylor shocked Vanderpump Rules fans when he suddenly decided to unfollow his best friend Tom Sandoval on social media! The decision came with no explanation so it makes sense everyone was confused, especially since the two men had been super close for no less than two decades!

In fact, Tom was even a groomsman at Jax’s wedding not too long before the unfollowing happened!

Then, he even proceeded to block the other and everyone freaked out even more!

Now, Jax is finally explaining what pushed him to do that and it turns out that the answer is quite simple – he just needed a ‘break’ from his BFF!

Earlier this month, when the season eight trailer for VPR was dropped, it became apparent that the men had some serious issues leading to the social media blocking.

Here’s what Jax had to say about their apparent fallout while chatting with HollywoodLife: ‘It was tough because I count on certain people for certain things and that was Tom’s forte.. And we kind of were going back and forth. We are like a family, I am in a relationship with Tom. He is my friend, but I am in a relationship with these guys. We see each other all the time, so we are going to butt heads.’

Apparently, as the wedding day was approaching, Tom did not give him the help he needed as one of his groomsmen.

‘We’ve been friends for 20 years, so Tom and I are different people, and he’s a very eccentric. I wanted something very simple and we were just kind of butting heads and I was going to be a little bit of a groomzilla. I wanted things done a certain way and thank God that I had two groomsmen. Schwartz stepped up and he took care of it, which is very unlike him.’

Now, both Jax and Tom were in attendance at BravoCon’s first edition and Jax made it clear that he just ‘needed a little bit of a break’ which he thinks it’s normal. But now, they are all good again!

When asked if Tom is still one of his best friends, Jax did not hesitate to say ‘absolutely!’


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