Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s Spin-Off Confirmed To Air This Summer!

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s Spin-Off Confirmed To Air This Summer!
Source: allaboutthetea.com

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s spin-off that has been kept under tight wraps until now has finally been made official!

As fans may already know, it was rumored that the Vanderpump Rules couple filmed their own show last fall but the title was yet to be made public.

But now, it has finally been announced that the name of the spin-off is Vanderpump Rules Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky and it is set to air this upcoming summer.

We also learned that the reality show will focus on Taylor learning about Cartwright’s southern background and suffer through her family’s pressure to propose.

In a preview for the upcoming show, Jax tells Brittany’s mother that he is ready to get married and he wants to do it as soon as possible. Of course, the mom is very content with his statement.

But their life together in the South may be more difficult than Jax thought as he is shown calling his lover’s friends “white trash” and even getting scared during a church sermon.

The Cartwrights go to church regularly and Birttany’s mom even once asked Jax to attend a local mass on Vanderpump Rules.

“You’re an old man and you need to act your age,” Cartwright dissed Taylor.

“You don’t mind taking money from this old man!” shot back the man.

Cartwright said he was way too arrogant for his own good and that his attitude is going to be his downfall before sitting down beside her lover and calling him “delusional.”

In the end, she was shown breaking down in tears.

Another Vanderpump Rules cast member who recently received their own spin-off is Scheana Marie. However, hers is only web-based.

Are you excited to watch Jax and Brittany’s drama filled adventures in the South?


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