Javi Marroquin Caught Drowning His Pain In Alcohol! What Happened To The Teen Mom Star?

Javi Marroquin Caught Drowning His Pain In Alcohol! What Happened To The Teen Mom Star?
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Poor Javi Marroquin has started drinking like never before because alcohol is the only way he can forget about the sorrow in his life.

Not long after his baby mama’s sex tape scandal exploded, the man was caught on camera boozing and spending his time with a ton of women!

The 24-year-old father was all smiles alongside two gorgeous women at the club the last time eyewitnesses caught him. Javi and his squad got bottle service and spent the night drinking and dancing.

Although at first there were only two ladies, the girls kept on joining him, helping him forget about his ex’s scandal as well as his breakup from Madison. He seemed completely over her as he enjoyed the company of the beautiful women.

His wild outing happened just a few days after Kailyn Lowry was involved in a sex tape scandal.

“The Teen Mom who can barely move her face at this point made a little homemade threesome video,” Crazy Days and Nights reported.

“The woman in it has it on her cell phone. So far she has not tried to sell it because she thinks the Teen

Despite the fact that it seemed like they were definitely talking about her, Lowry took to social media to deny the rumors, finding it ridiculous that anyone would think that about her. She added that there is no chance anyone will ever see such a raunchy video from her.

As Teen Mom fans already know, Lowry is currently expecting her third baby with a mystery third baby daddy.

Javi Marroquin also defended his ex saying he doesn’t even need to ask her about it – he knows she wouldn’t make a sex tape.

What do you think has got Javi so upset that he started drowning his sorrow in booze?

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  • Uknowwhat
    Uknowwhat Apr 18, 2017 10:22 AM PDT

    He is an adult and he does have that right. If he wants to go out and have fun then so what. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Let him have a drink once in a while. Damn!!

  • Kail's Threesome
    Kail's Threesome Apr 18, 2017 9:01 AM PDT

    Maybe ge's just having fun for a change now that he's away from that schrew!

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