Jason Sudeikis Hilariously Roasts Olivia Wilde Over An Incident With Their Son At Disneyland In New Video

Jason Sudeikis Hilariously Roasts Olivia Wilde Over An Incident With Their Son At Disneyland In New Video
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Jason Sudeikis hilariously roasted Olivia Wilde over an incident at Disneyland, which according to the funny man traumatized their son.

The We're The Millers star took over hosting duties on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday. It was his second time as guest host. However, this time around, he got to hang out with his baby mama Wilde.

She was there to promote her new film, Booksmart , which is her directorial debut. Before the actress got the chance to talk up the movie, as well as how it felt to be directing for the first-time, Sudeikis had to mock her a little bit. His ribbing involved a story about their 5-year-old son, Otis and an amusement park ride.

The Saturday Night Live alum put her on the spot by asking why she feels the need to traumatize their son at amusement parks. Wilde clearly knew where he was headed with the question and wasted no time plotting her defense, as Sudeikis continued to talk.

"This is important, this is something I wanted to bring up," the 43-year-old said as he looked directly at his lady love.

Wilde and Sudeikis, who are also parents to daughter Daisy, age 2, took the family to Disneyland to celebrate Otis' fourth birthday. After riding Splash mountain twice, the parents thought it would be fine to take him on the rollercoaster, Space Mountain. Even though Otis was tall enough, it was certainly not the smartest decision on his parents' part.

Sudeikis then shared a family photo of the ride, featuring a terrified Otis and Wilde, who is comforting her son. The actor is sitting directly behind them on the ride with an equally traumatized look on his face.

"It's really traumatizing for me because you're not supposed to take a 4-year-old on the ride look at my face! I've never been so scared in my life! That's real, mom fear!" exclaimed Wilde.

"And that's real little boy fear. He looks like he's in The Ring!" Sudeikis said while laughing at his son's reaction.

Olivia Wilde did not just sit back and let her fiancé Jason Sudeikis roast her over taking their son on Space Mountain. After all, it was not her decision alone. He made the choice, as did the amusement park that let him on the ride.

The funny man's response was a jab at the college admissions scandal, which caused laughter to erupt in the audience. They have parenting fails like everyone else, and their recent trip to Disneyland was one, but it is also one entertaining story.


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