Jason Momoa Thinks That Since He Managed To Marry His Childhood Crush Lisa Bonet 'Anything Is Possible!'

Jason Momoa Thinks That Since He Managed To Marry His Childhood Crush Lisa Bonet 'Anything Is Possible!'
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Jason Momoa is well aware of how lucky he was to marry Lisa Bonet, which is why he has a really positive outlook on life in general! After all, the actor gets to enjoy forever with the woman of his dreams – who wouldn’t think anything is ‘f***ing possible’ in his situation?

During his new interview with Esquire, Momoa told the magazine that ‘If somebody says something is not possible. I'm just like, ‘Listen here, I married Lisa Bonet. Anything is f***ing possible.’ Aww….

The Game of Thrones star married the Cosby Show actress, who is also the mother of Zoe Kravitz, nearly two years ago!

The two had been together for no less than 12 years, however.

Furthermore, they are also the parents of two kids – 10-year-old son named Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha and a daughter named Lola Iolani, who is 12.

The reason why he still feels like it’s incredible he ended up with Bonet is that she was ‘literally [his] childhood crush.’

He, just like a lot of other men who were still kids and in their early teens in the ‘80s fell in love with the actress while watching her on The Cosby Show, playing Denise Huxtable!

‘I mean, I did not tell her that. I did not let her know that I was a stalker until after we had kids,’ Jason joked.

This is not the first time he tells this story as he got candid about his childhood crush on his current wife back in 2017 as well

At the time, he was a guest on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

The Aquaman actor shared with the host that ‘Ever since I was like, 8 and saw her on TV, I was like, 'Mommy, I want that one.’ I'm like, ‘I am going to stalk you for the rest of my life and I am going to get you.' I did not tell her that until we had two babies, otherwise, I would be creepy and weird. But yeah, I just always wanted to meet her. She was always a queen.’

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