Jason Momoa Says That His Physique Is Mostly 'Genetics'

Jason Momoa Says That His Physique Is Mostly 'Genetics'
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According to Jason Momoa , he has a good physique purely because of his genetics. The star spoke with reporters from Men's Health for December about a number of topics, including what he does to stay in shape, his career, and how he feels about his looks.

While there are a lot of things Jason does to keep himself looking good on and off-screen, the actor admitted genetics played a big part in his appearence. "Hawaiians are big people," Momoa explained to the reporters.

Additionally, Jason said he loved to play outdoor games and that certainly helps as well. Momoa went on to say he loves to "rock climb," especially hanging upside down and "swinging in the breeze," which is something he always liked, even when he was a kid.

Sports and genetics aren't the only reasons for his physique, however. Jason admitted lifting weights was another factor in the way that his body looks. He has tried doing other things too, including hot yoga, with Lisa Bonet , but he doesn't like it as much.


Momoa said to the outlet that he tried yoga "the other day" and it might just be one of the most challenging things he has ever done. Momoa went on to joke that he'd "rather squat a car," or climb up El Capitan, than do just two hours of yoga.

The actor joked that his hamstrings were too tight for it. According to Momoa, he has struggled with yoga a number of times throughout his life, including when he was a much younger man. He said he was once in a yoga class with older women and everyone was great at it except for him.

"This is so hard," the actor recalled thinking at the time. Jason isn't afraid to admit vulnerability despite his tough-guy image on the screen. Fans of Jason know he has starred in series like Game of Thrones , as well as the movie, Aquaman, which saw him starring in the titular role.


In recent news, Jason admitted that he was struggling financially after appearing on Game of Thrones.

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