Jason Momoa Said He's "Bummed" Over Fans' Criticism Of Justice League

Jason Momoa Said He's "Bummed" Over Fans' Criticism Of Justice League
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Jason Momoa isn't happy to hear about his fans' opinion as well as the box office stats of the new Justice League film. With the release of Justice League, critics have been finding many problems with the flick, and it didn't perform well at the theaters either.

Jason - who played the role of Aquaman in the movie - said to Entertainment Weekly that he was "upset" when he heard the reception of the film wasn't up to his standards.

However, he would rather ignore the talk of the highly-critical masses and keyboard warriors. When speaking with the publication, he stated, "I try to stay the f*** away from what people say."

The actor claimed that his friends told him, "Justice League isn't doing well," and he was "bummed," but didn't want to look it up. He added, "I don't want to look up the bad and the negativity." Momoa stated it isn't "useful" and it "won't help" him either.

According to reports, the film created by the Warner Brothers Studios cost about $300 million to develop, and it made just $94 million during its first weekend in North America.

Furthermore, in comparison to Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok, it made around $121 million for its opening weekend.

Despite the critical reception, Momoa said he "loved the film" and would watch it again. The former star of Game Of Thrones appeared alongside Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher.

If you happened to see the movie and enjoyed it, you'll be happy to know the second installment comes out in 2018 and stars Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, and Nicole Kidman.

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