Jason Mitchell Dishes On Allegations That Led To His Firing From The Chi

Jason Mitchell Dishes On Allegations That Led To His Firing From The Chi
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According to a report from PageSix.com, Jason Mitchell recently came out to address the allegations which led to his firing from a number of TV shows. When the 32-year-old stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club this past Monday, he addressed the incident involving a fellow employee while in Mexico.

Mitchell was fired from Netflix's Desperados in late April. Mitchell, during his time on the show, said to the hosts of The Breakfast Club that he made sure the woman he was hanging around with got home safely. Mitchell claims he was told not to trust Ubers, cab drivers, or any other services of the same nature.

"This isn't where I leave her," Jason said to the host. Jason stated that it ended up being a huge deal for him because she apparently had a significant other who heard about the incident, but he claims nothing really happened between them.

Paraphrasing what the shamed actor stated, he was subsequently let go from the productions he was working on but was never told by anybody what he was being fired for. With that said, however, the actor was still paid for his work and subsequently said "sorry."

You can check out the YouTube video below to hear Jason tell the story himself:

Reported by The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week, Tiffany Boone, Mitchell's The Chi co-star, claimed she felt unsafe as well as uncomfortable around him. While on The Breakfast Club , Mitchell stated there wasn't actually a "situation."

Jason claims that, while he is ultimately a supporter of the #MeToo movement, he felt as though Ayanna Floyd Davis, who was the series showrunner at the time, used the #MeToo movement as a weapon to have him removed from the show.

At that time, Ayanna released a statement in which she stated everyone was "well are of Jason's behavior and his multiple HR cases," including the series creator, Lena Waithe. Later in The Breakfast Club interview, Jason stated, "Ayanna used it as a really, really, ugly weapon."


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