Jason Derulo Reveals His One Body Insecurity - His Feet

Jason Derulo Reveals His One Body Insecurity - His Feet
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Fans of Jason Derulo know that he's not afraid to show off his body for the clout, however, the singer recently revealed that he does have insecurities about his form. The 30-year-old, who was spotted at LAX earlier this week, revealed that he doesn't like his own feet.

Derulo claims he's got feet like an athlete because he's been doing a lot of running and also dances a lot on his joints. The idea of Derulo being insecure about his body comes a big surprise to people online, especially for his flamboyant and revealing Instagram posts, including one where he showed off his bathing suit.

Back in 2019, Jason sparked controversy when he posted revealing photos of himself on Instagram and it was subsequently taken down from the platform due to moderators deeming it as "inappropriate." The singer joked that his "size" wasn't his fault, obviously referring to his genitals.

Fans of his were a lot more impressed than IG moderators, with many of them praising his body shot on the social media platform.

Jason laughed about his insecurity with reporters but admits a lot of it has to do with his hectic performing schedule and lifestyle, so ultimately, he's not that worried about it. The singer joked that he should probably hit up a nail salon to get his feet taken care of.

Jason Derulo isn't the only celebrity to hate their feet. Chrissy Teigen explained to Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month that she doesn't like her own feet much while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The model joked that her husband, John Legend, would be able to identify her corpse in the morgue simply by her feet.

John joked that it was true, his wife's feet "are unique," adding that in honor of Valentine's Day, he asked the producers on Ellen's show to prepare a montage of her feet with the backdrop of one of his hit songs. The montage featured a series of photographs of John and Chrissy showing off her feet much to the delight of the audience members.

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