Jason Derulo Posts Photo On Instagram And Fans Go Wild

Jason Derulo Posts Photo On Instagram And Fans Go Wild
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According to a report from PageSix.com, Jason Derulo took to his Instagram earlier this week to show off his body, and fans went wild. On IG, the singer shared a photo of himself wearing briefs, sporting abs, and showing off his built arms.

Jason's IG account was subsequently flooded with all kinds of comments and emojis, with one in particular stating, "get a zoom in on that, d*mn!" When another fan asked what he was hiding in his pants, Jason responded with, "Anaconda."

During a conversation with Men's Health, the 30-year-old explained that he worked out very hard to attain the body he has. Additionally, he was a runner in school, which was not only a great way to lose weight, but also meet women.

Jason told reporters from the outlet that he started off "chubby," however, after the time passed, and he put the work in, he "became amazing." Currently, Jason is 6' tall and 190 pounds. The star admitted that he does a lot of intermittent fasting and eats a ton of protein as well.

Moreover, the star claims he loves to add cardio to his work out, including things like boxing, jumping rope, car-pulling, as well as snowboarding. The last time we heard from Mr. Derulo was when he sang for his fans while standing on a balcony.

Jason's concert was postponed in Prague, Czech Republic, due to a number of safety concerns, so the singer sang from the balcony of the venue instead. Officials at the event had to thwart the show on account of a security and safety measure, so the 30-year-old singer found another way to please his fans.

Derulo reportedly felt as though it would be best if his fans didn't walk away disappointed. Moreover, the star stated that his fans had been waiting that day since seven in the morning, so it was only fair for him to perform.

Jason sang some of his more popular songs, including "Swalla," and "Talk Dirty."

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