Jason Derulo Eats 22 Hamburgers In Celebration Of Getting To 22 Million Tik Tok Followers

Jason Derulo Eats 22 Hamburgers In Celebration Of Getting To 22 Million Tik Tok Followers
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The "Talk Dirty" singer, Jason Derulo, celebrated 22 million Tik Tok followers this week by eating 22 hamburgers in one sitting, a new report from the New York Post revealed. According to the outlet, Jason went viral on Tik Tok today when he posted a video of himself trying to complete the massive challenge.

The 30-year-old artist says thanks to his fans in the video, stating that he was going to eat the 22 hamburgers all at once in just two hours. The fast-forwarded video features Jason getting ready to eat a massive pile of burgers and fries in celebration of his achievement on the Chinese-owned social sharing platform.

At one point in the video, Jason says to his fans, "I need a little break, I'm starting to feel a little crazy." Following twenty minutes of rest, Jason eats more burgers before he starts gagging and runs off to the bathroom. Apparently, it wasn't enough to slow him down, because Jason ate another 11 burgers.

Many of Derulo's fans were thrilled at the post, with several asking if it was possible for him to retain his stellar physique despite eating all of that food. Most agreed that it wouldn't happen.

Additionally, some viewers accused Jason of cheating after he rushed off to the toilet to vomit.  Fans noticed that the toilet bowl looked completely clean. Jason said he had to cut that part of the video out because it was too gross for everyone to see.

The performing artist then noted that he only was able to eat 20 burgers, rather than 22, as he promised.

He joked that if 2 million people chose to unfollow him, he'd understand. Even though he likely is feeling terrible right now, Derulo's Tik-Tok stunt did him some good, because he was able to rack up another 1.7 million followers from the affair.

Fans of Derulo know that he loves to compete in social media challenges, including last month, when he chipped a tooth while trying out the "corn cob drill challenge." The idea behind the challenge is to try to eat a corncob on a spinning drill bit.

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