Jasmine Sanders 'Golden Barbie' Wears Barely There Bathing Suit And Goes Viral

Jasmine Sanders 'Golden Barbie' Wears Barely There Bathing Suit And Goes Viral
Credit: Source: Jasmine Sanders/Instagram

Sports Illustrated model Jasmine Sanders (also known as the "Golden Barbie") is breaking the Internet and going viral after sharing a photo on her official Instagram account. Posing outside in Miami Beach, Florida, Jasmine is wearing reflective golden shades as she rests her hand against the bark of a palm tree. Wearing a sandy-beige colored two-piece swimsuit in the photo,  many of her followers asked if she was wearing any bottoms. Apparently, Jasmine new the photo projected an optical illusion as she stated the following in the snap's caption.

"Swear I have panties on."

Many of her fans didn't believe her.

The photo went viral and accrued nearly 40,000 views in six hours.

Jasmine stood on her toes to accentuate her legs for the picture and many of her fans asked her to share dieting and weight-loss tips so they could have a slender physique like Jasmine's.

You may see the photo Jasmine shared early Monday morning below.

One follower was so convinced Jasmine wasn't wearing the bottom of her swimsuit they wrote the following.

"Why do u love be w no clothes? It's incredible."

Jasmine took the time to respond to the question.

"Because I worked hard for this body so I might as well show it off ☺️no but honestly everyone needs to be comfortable in their own skin. It took me a min but she’s finally here 😘"

Some pointed out that the 27-year-old was born in Germany and that standards of what is considered modest or appropriate on the beach are different in Europe than in America. Even though Jasmine gave an explanation for feeling comfortable in her skin, she did state that she was actually wearing a full two-piece bathing suit.

Jasmine has shared many swimsuit selfies and these tend to go viral, but this morning's snap went viral for different reasons. While everyone knows that Jasmine is gorgeous and has a striking figure, today's photos went viral because fans thought she revealed more than usual.

What do you think about Jasmine Sanders' views on body positivity? Do you agree with her views? Were you one of those who thought she wasn't wearing the bottom part of her bathing suit?

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