Jared Leto Plays Morbius In The First Trailer For The Movie With The Same Name - Check It Out!

Jared Leto Plays Morbius In The First Trailer For The Movie With The Same Name - Check It Out!
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This is super exciting for the Spider-Man fans as well as for those who are just looking forward to meeting a new character on the big screen! It looks like the beloved superhero has found himself a new enemy in Dr. Morbius, aka, Marvel’s Living Vampire played by none other than Jared Leto!

That being said, the first trailer is here and it looks great!

As those who’ve read the comics know, Morbius is a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist that ends up transforming into a blood sucking baddie!

The first look at the movie has Loto’s character narrating: ‘I should've died years ago. Why am I still here if not to fix this? I have a rare blood disease, and I am running out of time. This could be my last chance.’

And it turns out that the cure for the said disease was vampirism which also comes with superpowers as well as ‘an overpowering urge to consume blood.’

The upcoming movie also stars Adria Arjona, Jared Harris and Matt Smith and is directed by Daniel Espinosa, best known for his work on Life and Safe House.

Furthermore, Morbius is the second in a series of Marvel-verse films set to be centered around Spider-Man anti-heroes from the extensive comic book stories, following Tom Hardy's Venom!

And while none of these movies feature the character, this time around, it looks like the lines between Spidey and one of his canon opponent are blurring.

During the trailer, an image of Spider-Man can be seen on a wall in the background, the word ‘Murdered’ graffitied over it!

This seems to make reference to how things turned out at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home so it’s definitely a cool little Easter egg that fans of the genre are bound to appreciate.

Morbius is set to premiere in theaters everywhere this summer, July 31!

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