Janet Jackson Will Not Put On A Show During Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Janet Jackson Will Not Put On A Show During Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony
Credit: Source: GrooveVolt.com

According to a report from Page Six, Janet Jackson won't be able to perform during the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame this year at the Barclay's Center due to her hectic touring schedule.

A source who spoke with the outlet claimed that currently, she is preparing for her Metamorphosis residency in Las Vegas; for the most part, that has been her primary concern as of late. The Vegas performance will not only be a concert, but also an in-depth look at Janet's life from childhood to adulthood.

Radiohead won't perform at the event either, due to the fact Thom Yorke won't even be there as well. Jackson and Radiohead are being inducted alongside big names like Roxy Music and The Zombies, The Cure, Def Leppard, as well as Stevie Knicks, formerly the singer of Fleetwood Mac.

In contrast to Janet's situation, Michael, her deceased brother, has been the subject of a documentary called, Leaving Neverland, which re-looks at the case of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, the two men who defended him as young boys in his sexual molestation trial in the 2000s.

The movie caused considerable controversy at the Sundance Film Festival due to its graphic nature, and Michael Jackson's legacy has since been called into question for the third time. As most know, Michael's estate is one of the highest earning estates of a deceased celebrity, ever.

It makes approximately $500,000,000 every single year, despite the fact Michael has been dead since the late 2000s. Thus far, Janet has refused to comment on all scandals related to Michael, and it has been working for her, as her recent induction has indicated.

Janet has been performing sold-out shows all over the world, and also welcomed a child into the world in the first week of January back in 2017. She had a child with Eissa Al Mana, a middle eastern businessman who sits on millions of dollars.

Rumor has it that Janet and Mana broke up due to a conflict of cultures, but it isn't clear if such speculation was true.

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