Janet Jackson Has Shed 70 lbs To Get Into Tip Top Touring Shape Post Baby

Janet Jackson Has Shed 70 lbs To Get Into Tip Top Touring Shape Post Baby

Not every celebrity gains only a minimal amount of weight during pregnancy and gets back to their sample sizes a couple of weeks after giving birth. Superstar Janet Jackson took her time getting back into shape after the birth of her son, but she definitely had an incentive: her tour.

Jackson was supposed to go back onto tour earlier last year when she became pregnant and had to postpone it. After the arrival of her son, Eissa, and the subsequent dissolution of her marriage to his father, Jackson is back focusing on the music and her health.

Jackson has struggled with her weight in the past, constantly losing and gaining depending on where she is in her life, what she's going through or if she's performing a ton. The weight loss and the focus on health are also for her son as she wants to be present for him as he's growing up.

During the planning of the upcoming tour, she cleaned up her diet: eating one that consists of lean proteins and vegetables. She also worked nonstop with a choreographer to sharpen up her dance moves and keep her heart rate up. In less than 9 months she was able to drop a whopping 70lbs.


Since throwing herself into motherhood and the State Of The World tour, Jackson has been incredibly busy, however, after the announcement that her marriage to her son's father was over, reports started to surface that she had been the victim of abuse in her relationship.

It is undetermined whether this alleged abuse lead to some of the weight gain she experienced. Either way, she was able to stick to a regimented and strict eating and exercise plan that allowed her to have such stellar and impressive results just in time for her tour.

The 51-year-old superstar doesn't look a day over 35 as she's dancing and performing on stage newly lean and svelte. What's more impressive is that she's still mothering full time as her son is with her on tour and is usually sleeping while she is performing at night.

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