Janet Hubert Says Her 27-Years Long Feud With Will Smith Felt Like She Was In Prison!

Janet Hubert Says Her 27-Years Long Feud With Will Smith Felt Like She Was In Prison!
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The actress opened up about her longtime feud with Will Smith ! Janet Hubert told all and also revealed how it feels to have finally made peace with her former ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ co-star.

As you might know, Janet Hubert portrayed Aunt Viv on the popular TV series but their relationship was far from good.

The two actors feuded for nearly three decades and Janet claims it was so bad to be at odds with Will Smith that she felt like she was in prison for all that time!

Now, after the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion special aired, she finally feels like she’s managed to save her reputation after feeling like she was a wrongfully convicted murderer for so many years.

But now, the world believes in her innocence after she and Will Smith also put their bitter war of words to rest.

Fans were able to see the two stars sharing a hug and Janet even shed tears during the reunion with her on-screen nephew.

‘People keep asking, ‘How do you feel?’ And I [say], ‘Like a person who’s been in prison for 27 years, who knew they didn’t rob the bank; who knew they didn’t kill or murder that person and everybody has accused you,’’ the actress stated.

She assured fans that the reconciliation was not just for the cameras.

After reconnecting back in September, they have apparently remained in contact!

Janet tells HollywoodLife that ‘Will and I have been corresponding and texting back and forth. It’s just wonderful to have this weight, this albatross from around my neck that was only put there by the media, the cast, talk show hosts.’

‘The misconception of me was that I was haughty, difficult, wanted to be the star of the show,’ Janet mentioned during the reunion.

Sadly, her incredibly successful career was greatly affected by her increasingly bad reputation at the time and continued to make things really hard for her throughout the years.


For more on what she had to say, check out the reunion!

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