Janelle Monae Covers InStyle — Wears Nina Ricci And Shares Tips For Being A Badass

Janelle Monae Covers InStyle — Wears Nina Ricci And Shares Tips For Being A Badass
Credit: Source: Janelle Monae/Instagram

Janelle Monae is covering InStyle magazine for August 2019 and the first photos just hit the webs. Sharing pictures on her own page, as did the official Instagram page for InStyle, fans are getting a sneak peek of the issue before it hits newsstands. Janelle is stunning on the cover that is called the "Badass Women" issue. There's no doubt that Janelle belongs on the cover of this summer edition.

Wearing Nina Ricci, Janelle graced the cover in an electric-yellow-green hat and a high cut bodysuit that she paired with black pants. The bodysuit and hat are part of Nina's Fall-Winter 2019-2020 collection and were recently seen in British Vogue, Vogue Spain, and Vogue Italia. Janelle rocked the look and wore it on the cover as well as one of the inner pages.

You may see two photos that Janelle shared where she is wearing the Haus of Nina in the pictures below.

Pamela Hanson photographed Janelle for the layout and cover and Julia von Boehm styled her. In another cover photo that Pamela shared on her official Instagram page, Janelle wore an InStyle "Badass" tee-shirt. It is the first in the line that was a collaboration with fashion stylist Karla Welch, and Janelle is doing a superb job modeling the shirt for the issue that focuses on the nature of badass women of whom Janelle reigns supreme.

She paired the InStyle Badass shirt with white Chanel pants and a silver belt. Janelle topped the outfit off with a hat from  Ruslan Baginskiy red felt canotier hat.

Jessica Smalls did Janelle's makeup that made use of bright vivid colors that popped on the cover and accentuated Janelle's unique and flawless beauty. Janelle's eyes were lined in a rich, electric-blue that featured a stark cat eye that was the perfect complement to the blue trim in her Ruslan hat.

Janelle wore Jennifer Meyer and Shay jewelry for the shoot.

Celebrity hairstylist Nikki Nelms spoke about the hair looks she created for the shoot.

"I ❤️ her! Such a Badass Woman! Even her #PONYTAIL has #BigBalls! (Thank You @mauimoisture #WeightlessOil for making sure they were #Fluffy aannnnndd #FrizzFREE!💙)⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️ @juliavonboehm👗 @sreyninpeng💅🏽@pamela_hanson📸 @jessicasmalls💄@Janellemonae 🔛🔝 #HairByNikkiNelms."

You may see the other cover photo for InStyle magazine that Julia von Boehm shared on her official Instagram page below. Nikki Nelms also shared a fantastic photo of Janelle from the car wash spread.


In the above video, that was shared by InStyle magazine on their official Instagram page, Janelle Monae shared her tips for being a badass. She spoke about the unique purpose that every woman has and that once a woman realizes no one can fulfil the purpose they were created for, they can gain confidence from that.

Janelle also said that a badass woman is someone who knows that they have power in the world and use their voice to ensure they are heard. Once women realize that the world belongs to them as well, they are no longer afraid to speak up and let their opinions, wants, and desires known. What do you think of Janelle Monae's cover, layout spread, and InStyle video about being a badass woman?

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