Jane Lynch Says Naya Rivera Had Incredible 'Talent' One Month After Her Death

Jane Lynch Says Naya Rivera Had Incredible 'Talent' One Month After Her Death
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Us Magazine picked up on comments from Jane Lynch this week in which she touched on Naya Rivera 's incredible talent. During her appearence on the Today show today, Jane described Rivera as a "force of nature" and claimed it was real "heartbreaking" that she passed away this year.

According to Lynch, because there were so many talented people on the set of Glee , one of the things that were forgotten was Naya's knack for performing. Lynch says Rivera was definitely "one of those people," even though she didn't appear in every scene.

Jane claims Naya managed to truly impress everyone on and people watching at home. Lynch went on to say that Rivera managed to learn her three-page monologues right away. It would often take her a week to remember her own, Jane explained, but Rivera had a real talent for it.

As it was previously reported, Rivera died last month after renting out a pontoon boat with her son on Lake Piru in California. Rivera was found dead on the 13th of July after authorities discovered her 4-year-old son, Josey, alone on the boat .

On the 8th of July, Naya was reported as missing after Josey claimed he and his mother went for a swim but she never got back on the vessel. After they discovered her remains, her death was confirmed as an accidental drowning , although, it hasn't been revealed why she wasn't able to get back on the boat.

Lynch also touched on Naya and Heather Morris's depiction of a lesbian relationship on Glee. She says it was a tremendously powerful portrayal and it meant a lot to young people.

According to Jane, Naya was also very close to Meg Doyle, her niece. Megan once told Lynch that when she was friends with Naya, she always felt as if someone had her back. Last month, Lynch shared a tribute in which she commemorated Rivera's tragic passing on her social media account.


Lynch says she learned the importance of telling loved ones how you feel about them. "Life is short," the  40-Year-Old Virgin alum added.

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