Jane Fonda Compared Donald Trump To Hitler And His Presidency To The Third Reich

Jane Fonda Compared Donald Trump To Hitler And His Presidency To The Third Reich
Source: Independent.co.uk

On Thursday, Jane Fonda compared the president, Donald Trump, to Adolf Hitler and his administration to the German Third Reich as it existed before and during the Second World War. Fonda said that "attacking the media" is what people like Hitler and other fascists do.

"The cornerstone to democracy is an independent, democratic media." According to the Hollywood Reporter, the actress made her comments while speaking at the Women's Media Awards in New York.

Fonda went on to say that it was important to embrace "civility," which is currently under threat, suggesting that the president's rhetoric was an insidious problem. The star urged her followers and people at the event to vote.

Earlier in the week, the president took to Twitter to slam the media, describing it as the "Fake News Media," and referred to it as the "true Enemy of the People."

On Monday morning, Donald urged the media to report the news with accuracy and fairness, rather than "obvious hostility." "Fake News Must End!" the president exclaimed.

Just one day before his tweets, the president also claimed that the mainstream media blamed the Republican establishment for the country's political divisions and problems.

Donald said that if only the media wasn't "fake" and "dishonest," then maybe something could be done to help the American public, calming the rising tensions in the process.

This all comes after the shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh that left approximately 11 people dead. Moreover, a man mailed several explosive packages to organizations and individuals critical of Donald Trump,

As fans of Jane know, she has been a political activist long before it was in vogue to be an activist. Back in the 1970's, she faced a lot of scrutiny for criticizing the Vietnam War.

To this day, many veterans despise Jane for her words from almost forty years ago. Some people online have suggested that the recent comments and mini-scandals involving Trump and his administration are politically motivated, as the mid-term elections are coming up.

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