Jane Fonda And Robert Redford Talk 'Our Souls At Night' On 'Megyn Kelly Today' As Jane Dodges Plastic Surgery Question, Watch Video

Jane Fonda And Robert Redford Talk 'Our Souls At Night' On 'Megyn Kelly Today' As Jane Dodges Plastic Surgery Question, Watch Video
Source: Nathan Congleton/NBC

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford appeared on Megyn Kelly Today , on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, to promote their new movie Our Souls at Night . Distributed by Netflix , the film will air for everyone on Friday, September 29, 2017.

The two Hollywood movie legends began working together in 1966 for the movie The Chase . Since then they worked together in Barefoot in the Park and   The Electric Horseman . Fans of both are thrilled to see the actors still working and starring together again. Robert Redford is 81 and Jane Fonda celebrates her 80th birthday in December.

While it was clear that Robert Redford and Jane Fonda wanted to talk about the movie Our Souls at Night , Megyn Kelly continually tried to steer the conversation in other directions. At one point she brought up Barbra Streisand, who starred in the Oscar-winning film The Way We Were.

Jane Fonda made it clear she didn't want to about Barbra Streisand and also steered the conversation back to the movie when Megyn Kelly wanted to talk about cosmetic surgery procedures Jane has undergone.

Since Jane and Robert or Bob as she called him, have worked together for decades, Jane described the movie Our Souls at Night as bookending their careers. Both have multiple projects in the works and it really wouldn't be fair to assume this is the last time the two work together.

Jane spoke about how blessed she has been to work with Robert Redford over the years and even described the moment when she knew he would be a star.

She described a scenario where before he was famous, he had walked into a building and all the secretaries who were working left their desks and ran to the door to get a glimpse of the heartthrob as he walked down the hall.

Our Souls at Night tells the story of a widow and widower who are next door neighbors and find love. Jane Fonda plays Addie Moore and Robert Redford stars as Louis Waters.

Though they have been next door neighbors for years, they had very little contact and virtually no relationship, until their loneliness draws them to each other.

Are you going to watch Our Souls at Night on Netflix or in theaters?


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