Jana Duggar Says She's Worried Something Might Be ‘Majorly Wrong’ With Her For Not Being Married At 30!

Jana Duggar Says She's Worried Something Might Be ‘Majorly Wrong’ With Her For Not Being Married At 30!
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Eight of her siblings, all younger than her, are already married and have kids of their own so in a family like that, it makes sense that Jana Duggar feels a bit out of place and even like something might be wrong with her. As fans of Counting On know, the eldest Duggar is 30 and single and that is a big deal in her very conservative, very religious clan.

That being said, while Jana has been waiting for the right man to come into her life, as time goes on, she is letting go of some of her standards and requirements for her other half, in hopes that she can get married as soon as possible.

Eight out of her 18 siblings are already married with kids and even she can’t believe that she’s the oldest and still single.

At this point, Jana is a bit worried something might be wrong with her but not pondering on that too much as she takes the proper steps to find the one for her.

On the newest episode of Counting On, Jana stated that ‘I feel like these days, one of the most common questions [people ask] is, am I in a relationship? Sometimes it gets a bit old. I’m like, ‘no I am not, no I do not have anyone.’ Usually I’d just answer it and go on. Sometimes it can get like, ‘what? It is not the only thing in the world to talk about.’’

Unfortunately for her, that was the main topic of discussion as soon as she joined her sister-in-law, Abbie, at a hair salon

While getting her hair dyed, Jana suggested that she hates being set up constantly and how people feel sorry for her.

Some are wondering if she’s too picky but Jana doesn’t think so.

‘Like, what’s wrong with you, you’re still single?’ the hairdresser jokes, understandingly.


‘Yeah, there must be something majorly wrong with you,’ Jana says, referring to how people must be thinking of her.


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