Jamie Spears Wants To Temporarily Resign As Britney Spears Conservator — Child Abuse Investigation Continues

Jamie Spears Wants To Temporarily Resign As Britney Spears Conservator — Child Abuse Investigation Continues
Credit: Source: Britney Spears/Instagram

There are new developments in the case of Britney Spears and her father's Jamie Spears' conservatorship of the 37-year-old Grammy-winning singer. As was previously reported, Jamie Spears is under investigation for child abuse, involving a situation with Britney's 13-year-0ld son, Sean Preston. Kevin Federline filed a police report against the elder Spears after an August 24, 2019, alleged incident. While the investigation is pending, the children, Sean and Jayden James won a temporary restraining order against their grandfather. Now, TMZ obtained legal documents that show Jamie Spears petitioned the court to temporarily relinquish his conservatorship over his daughter. He cited health reasons.

TMZ reports that Jamie Spears wants to step down from being Britney's conservator for the next four months, at least and maybe longer. He also specified who he would like to act in his stead: Jodi Montgomery.

There has been an issue with Britney's conservatorship and she had brought the issue to court several months ago. It is unclear whether the judge will move in Jamie Spears' favor and select Jodi Montgomery or if he will select someone new since the case is under review.

The information TMZ obtained shows just how much control the conservator would hold over Britney and it's clear to see why her devoted fans are against the strict terms fo the conservatorship.

The first listed power that TMZ revealed the conservator has is the ability to restrict and limit any visitor Britney has. You may see the full report below.

What do you think about this latest development? Are you concerned that Britney's life is not her own? Do you think there needs to be an in-depth, mental health evaluation to see if Britney truly needs to be under a conservatorship at this point in her life?

TMZ quote sources who say Britney Spears doesn't object to Jodi Montgomery being Britney's conservator. Some feel that it is time Britney's mother, Lynne Spears become conservator over her daughter. If the investigation against Jamie Spears for child abuse is found warranted, there is a chance he may never be Britney's conservator again. At this point, some are even suggesting that Britney's ex-husband Kevin Federline be her conservator as opposed to the team that Jamie Spears established.

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