Jamie Pressly Latest Celebrity To Be Robbed of Jewelry!

Jamie Pressly Latest Celebrity To Be Robbed of Jewelry!
Credit: Source: CaribPress

It looks like the celebrity burglars are at it again, as their latest target is Jamie Pressly, the famous 39-year-old actress. Police are investigating the robbery that took place on Friday night in her Sherman Oaks home.

After she returned home for the night, there was evidence of a break-in and her laptop and a lot of jewelry was lifted from the star's home.

Allegedly, the thieves gained access to the house by forcing open a side window. A person speaking for the LAPD told the press that no one was home at the time of the break-in and they are not entirely sure of how the person broke into the home although TMZ reports that someone might have entered the house through a side window.

The robbery incident happened just a few days after Kendal Jenner's home was also robbed of $200,000 worth of jewelry although, in the case of Kendal, it was believed to be an inside job done by someone who knows the Jenner family.

The incident occurred just days after Kendall Jenner's Hollywood Hills home was robbed of nearly $200,000 in jewelry.

As Celebrity Insider readers know, these are not the only celebrities who have been robbed blind in the recent past. Other stars like Derek Fischer, Alanis Morissette and Cesar Milan have also been robbed of prized possessions recently.

This just happened after Pressly has recently raised the price on her 5-bedroom home in the Sherman Oaks. According to TMZ, the house was originally listed as being for sale at $2.2 million and the price has jumped to $2.5 million.

In 2008, Jamie bought the 5,400-square-foot house for $2.24 million, and it features an ornate iron railing overlooking the living room and massive floor-to-ceiling windows.

The house also has a gated backyard pool and a connecting hot tub near a patio, sun deck, and barbecue area. It looks like Pressly may have to drop the price of the home if it is being targeted by burglars.


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