Jamie Otis on her Miscarriage: “I Want to Curl in a Ball and Cry”

Jamie Otis on her Miscarriage: “I Want to Curl in a Ball and Cry”
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Jamie Otis, star of Married at First Sight, has been going through a hard time after miscarrying her son while four months into the pregnancy. Just a few days before the presupposed due-date, Jamie decided to open up about how she is copying with the loss.

“I’m obviously still struggling a bit. I try so hard to be ‘positive’ and think about the future, but this month has been especially difficult.”

Jamie’s first baby with husband Doug Hehner was expected to be due on December 20th.

Jamie Otis has been going through a traumatic experience, losing her first child, but her husband has “moved on” and wants to try again for another baby.

“We’ve been trying to get pregnant again and with every negative pregnancy test I either want to curl in a ball and cry, or scream and yell at the top of my lungs, ‘why?' I’m trying so hard not to be a ‘Debbie downer,’ but sometimes my emotions get the best of me,” Otis shared.

The woman has continued to share on social media little tributes for her unborn baby, once posting a picture of the necklace she made for him, saying “Mommy of an angel.”

“Johnny, today marks one week before you were due,” she captioned a photo of her necklace. “While everyone is all excited and full of cheer for the holidays I find myself plastering a smile on my face just so I don’t make it obvious how much it hurts inside. Is it crazy to miss you as much as I do? Am I insane for thinking about what you may look like and daydreaming about what could be if you remained safe and sound inside me… it’s been 5 months and sometimes it still feels like I just lost you yesterday.”

“My precious first born son. I’ll always love you and cherish you sweet angel. I’d rather have you here, but I’m so thankful I have an angel in heaven watching over me.”


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